APENFT World Cup Guessing Campaign

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Complete the gleam task and guess the outcome of the game.

Win Deez Nuts Whitelist Spots, TRON World Cup NFTs & share from a TRX Prize Pool

Event Rewards: (Each tweet will be posted at 11PM (UTC) & submissions will be closed before the first match of the day)

As of Dec. 18
Guess 2 games right - win 1 Deez Nuts Whitelist Spot (closed)

Guess 3 - 10 games right - Win 1 TWC NFT in total (closed)

Guess 11 - 17 games right - Win 2 TWC NFTs in total (closed)

Guess 18 - 25 games right - Win 3 TWC NFTs in total (closed)

Guess more than 26 games right - Win from a $1000 TRX Prize Pool

What’s TWC?

TRON World Cup(TWC) is an NFT collection themed on the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This collection is closely integrated with the World Cup schedule, and has three ways to play at the same time: the national team's blind box, the top 16 prize pool, and special edition NFTs.

What’s Deez Nuts?

Deez Nuts is an innovative NFT series on the Tron blockchain which forms the basis of an exciting, sustainable “play to earn” ecosystem.

Deez Nuts issues sets of 1560 cards (Decks) as NFTs that can be traded among users to compete for a share of the large prizes available in regularly scheduled games.

We will both release our own Decks and work with partners to release their Decks, and host games with a wide variety of rule-sets.

1. There are an unlimited number of Whitelist Spots for Deez Nuts, and a total of 20 TRON World Cup NFTs. These rewards will be given out on a first come first serve basis.
2. Everyone who gets at least 2 guesses right will get a Whitelist Spot for Deez Nuts. Last day to win WL spots on December 4th.
3. TRX rewards will be distributed after all World Cup matches are concluded.
4. We will only count the score at the end of 90 minutes. (Win/Draw/Loss)

5.You can only choose one result (multiple selections will not be counted).

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @apenftorg on Twitter
  • Follow @TRONWorldCup on Twitter
  • Follow @deeznuts_win on Twitter
  • Join APENFT Discord community
  • Join Deez Nuts Discord
  • Morocco vs Portugal Your prediction at 90 minutes
  • England vs France Your prediction at 90 minutes
  • Please leave your Tronlink address