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To celebrate the launch of Infinite Inside

on 12th July 2024

Maze Theory are offering you the chance to win a Meta Quest 3!

About The Game

Enter the impossible and enchanting world of Infinite Inside, an innovative puzzle game that seamlessly blends VR and MR gameplay with an immersive narrative experience.

When the enigmatic ancient artifact known as the 'Plinth' mysteriously materialises in your home, it opens a portal to a tranquil, dream-like world, filled with impossible architecture and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Guided by the echoes of past explorers, you will collect shards, solve three-dimensional puzzles, and assemble keys to unlock the mysteries of a secret society committed to maintaining the balance of Order and Chaos.

Key Features:

  • Innovative MR Experience: Room-scale gameplay that seamlessly blends mixed and virtual reality.
  • 5 Stunning Worlds: Escape into five peaceful and soothing labyrinths filled with mysteries.
  • Intuitive Hand Tracking Interaction: Manipulate 3D geometric puzzles using precise hand tracking.
  • Rich Environmental Storytelling: Engage with a deep and captivating story embedded in the world.

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