x Hiblocks (HIBS) New Listing Celebration: Grab up to a $2,000 Prize Pool!

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🌟 $HIBS Trading Starts: 10:00 AM December 5th (UTC)

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  1. The rewards will be distributed in HIBS.
  2. KYC2 needs to be completed before the event ends to receive rewards.
  3. Except for new users registering during the event, potential winners need to trade more than $50 in spot trading from 2022-11-24to 2022-12-08 to receive rewards.
  4. The winner list will be announced at News Telegram Channel.
  5. The use of duplicate accounts and any other cheating behavior is strictly prohibited.

Entry Methods:

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  • Retweet @gateio_startup on Twitter
  • Join @GateioOfficialNews on Telegram
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