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🎉Mimbo x Aku Giveaway EVENT

🎁Total prize pool is 50 Galloway Car Airdrop


Galloway is the only Level 1 vehicle can be purchased in the MIMBO for Speed Project. By mining gold with Galloway and staking the trophies obtained, you can earn MIMBO Tokens. Additionally, vehicles can be merged to create higher-level vehicles which can mine faster.

Period : 23.10.30~ 23.11.12 23:59 PM (UTC)




毎週木曜日の08:00 AM(UTC)に、上位50人の勝者が選ばれ、レベルがリセットされます。


💙 毎週合計250 mimbo token

💙 上位レベル50人へ5 mimbo tokenずつ支給します。






“Mimbo for Speed” combines HTML5 gaming with blockchain mining to allow users to experience the excitement of mining virtual currency, Mimbo. By purchasing a vehicle with BNB and investing in synthesized or staked Mimbo tokens, users can expedite their mining process and create a competitive edge. This synthesis-based game creates a dynamic environment where users can bolster the strength of the Mimbo ecosystem and incrementally increase their assets, inching closer to owning a real supercar. The game’s

simplicity belies a deeper psychological competition amongst users, adding a unique dimension of vitality to the value of Mimbo tokens
Remember, those who start first gain a head start over others. So, why wait?

Join the race today!🚗



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