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The Mariner is one of DAHON’s most popular folding bikes, and the limited edition D8 is sure to turn heads with its beautiful brushed alloy finish.

The DAHON Mariner D8 is a lightweight and affordable folding bike model loaded with high-quality components.

Folding bikes such as the Mariner D8 are an ideal option for multi-modal urban transportation as the compact size is perfect for carrying onto the train or bus. This bike boasts additional urban cycling features that are most beneficial including a rear rack, adjustable seat and stem as well as full fenders.

But we also love throwing a pair in the trunk for a weekend road trip. There is no better way to see a small town than via a folding bike.

The wide 58-cm handlebars with comfy grips, 20-inch wheels as well as 1025-mm wheelbase combine to create the feel of a larger bike despite the Mariner’s compact size.

The frame is aluminium. The drivetrain includes a 52-tooth chainring and eight-speed cassette. The pedals are foldable.

The DAHON Mariner D8 continues to be one of the most popular folding bikes on the market, having received great praise from fans and the press through the years.

For more information please visit the DAHON website.

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