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⚔️ [ K3K x Chainlink ] ⚔️

  • K3K is glad to announce our collaboration with "Chainlink", one of the most outstanding blockchain company.K3K has been accepted into the Startup with Chainlink community powerd by Chainlink. and We also has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function(VRF).By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we now have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness.
    These will make K3K a more reliable project.

    🤝 Collaboration via Startup with Chainlink 🤝
    ✅ Oracle Network Technical Support (VRF)
    ✅ Access to the best resources
    ✅ World-class mentorship for key decision-making
    ✅ Group networking with top industry leaders and investors

    🎁event content

    ✅K3K Legend Hero OG x30
    OG role ? : 3 Confirmed minting authority for Legend HERO Mint

    ✅K3K Legend Hero WL x100
    ※WL role ? : 3 Competitive minting authority for Legend HERO Mint (First Come First Serve)

    ✅K3K Legend Hero NFT x3
    What is Legend HERO NFT ?
    5 Star K3K Genesis NFT used in K3K P2E games.
    There is a clear difference between in-game capabilities and heroes of the 1- to 4-star class.
    It is also possible to mine TKT tokens through staking.
    In the future, it is possible to receive token fees and rent them to users who do not have NFT through the update of Hired soldiers.

    ⏳Event End: 22.12.15 15:00 PM (UTC)

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