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Period: June 21 12:00 PM - July 01 12:00 PM (UTC+8)

100 Winner Share , T2TKN Tokens

Tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Complete EXTRA task for a higher chance to receive rewards
  • Follow T2TKN Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Set up a KYC verified T2 Wallet
  • Maintain high activity levels in the Global Community

  • Rewards will be distributed on seven working days after the event ends.
  • Cheating Behaviors will be strictly prohibited.
  • Coinstore reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.
  • Participants who do not have a Coinstore account please register.

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Entry Methods:

  • Your Coinstore UID: Your Coinstore UID
  • Your Telegram Username: Your Telegram username in this format @username (https://t.me/yourusername)
  • Follow CoinstoreExc on Twitter
  • Follow t2tkn on Twitter
  • Retweet t2tkn on Twitter
  • Retweet t2tkn on Twitter
  • Join @t2community on Telegram
  • Follow T2TKN on Instagram:
  • Like T2TKN First Instagram Post: Your Instagram Username:
  • Visit T2TKN Official Website:
  • Follow T2TKN on LinkedIn:
  • Follow T2TKN on LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn Username:
  • Set up a KYC verified T2 Wallet
  • Your T2TKN Registered Email Address: Please input your registered email address on T2TKN for verifying when KYC completed.
  • Join @coinstore_english on Telegram
  • Join @coinstore_global on Telegram
  • Join @Coinstore_IEOnews on Telegram
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries