🎉Ave.ai✖️Superpower Squad(SPS) Airdrop

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🎉Ave.ai✖️Superpower Squad(SPS) Airdrop

🏆Total Prize Pool🏆

300 USDT+20 Superpower Squad NFTs

👉 Top 1-20 🎁 1 Superpower Squad NFT each

👉 Random 30 🎁 10 USDT each

📅 Dec.8 7:00-Dec.12 7:00(UTC)

◆ Time

📅 Dec.8 7:00-Dec.12 7:00(UTC)

◆ Ave.ai

Ave.ai:Ave.ai is a decentralized on-chain data platform that currently aggregates on-chain data from 25 blockchains.Provide users with the K-line data of the token, the floor price of nft, and the statistical data of various sectors such as DeFi, GameFi, and Web3.0, etc.And committed to developing a "safer, more accurate, and more professional" aggregated data platform.

◆ Superpower Squad(SPS)

Superpower Squad is a blockchain technology-based third-person-shooter game with gameplay elements such as MOBA, RPG, and Roguelike. Users can form squads to fight and enjoy socializing in game. Soon the game will enable Metacube to help users to create their very own gameplays.

Superpower Squad: https://ssquad.games/
Ave.ai: https://ave.ai/

◆ Rules to Enter Raffle

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