Leverage Frenzy 💬#BitmartFutures Hashtag Week💬

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Leverage Frenzy

💬#BitmartFutures Hashtag Week💬

🎁800 USDT equivalent random airdrops


1.Share a screenshot or video of your futures order on any social media channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok) with the #BitmartFutures!

2.Choose your favourite topic with the #BitmartFutures
🌟Your favorite functions or features on Bitmart Futures.
🌟The ways a function or feature on Bitmart Futures help you to improve your trading returns.
🌟Your experiences with the Bitmart Futures trading platform.
🌟Any recommendations and suggestions you have for the Futures team.

  • TIME:12/08/2022—12/15/2022(UTC)
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