PUML Run Club - 25K $PUMLx - $350 USD + 1 WearX $150

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Join the PUML Run Club on Strava and within our App to win
25,000 PUMLx

$350USD to one lucky entry


1 x WearX NFT Boosted rewards

WearX NFTs will allow you to earn big on every GPS run you do on the new app.

Time now to stack PUMLx or a WearX to take earning and boosted rewards to a new level.

Entry Methods:

  • Enter your ERC20 wallet address
  • Join the Strava PUML Club
  • Leave a AppStore Review
  • Follow @pumlhealthio on Twitter
  • Join @pumlofficial on Telegram
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Retweet @pumlhealthio on Twitter