VR Factory Games x 3R Games - Bartender VR Simulator & Thief Sim VR: Greenview Street Giveaway!

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Hey Simulator fans!
VR Factory Games and 3R Games have joined forces, uniting our Discord communities for an exclusive chance to score a FREE KEY 🌟🔑
We're thrilled to offer 5 keys for Bartender VR Simulator and 5 keys for Thief Sim VR: Greenview Street, each tailored for Meta Quest 2 & 3!

Lucky winners will receive their code in discord message so joining the discord server is mandatory.

Participate in the giveaway and explore our socials! 👇

Entry Methods:

  • Join VR Factory Games discord server
  • Join 3R Games discord server
  • Enter using Discord
  • Enter the secret code
  • Follow @VRFactoryGames on Twitter
  • Follow @3RGamesSA on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Visit Bartender Simulator VR on Facebook
  • Visit 3R GAMES SA on Facebook
  • Enter using Reddit