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Starcoin Twitter campaign by Mixin Team


All participants must finish all tasks to be valid participants and enroll in the lucky picker. We will pick up 50 winners from valid participants, and each will receive 200 STC as an airdrop. And we will pick up an extra winner who wins 1120 STC as the luckiest reward, and all prizes will be sent by Mixin Messenger.

Would you please install Mixin Messenger and join the Starcoin community? Therefore, please write down the correct Mixin ID for the last task. Otherwise, you cannot claim the reward. And it would be best if you claim the bonus manually.


  1. Pick up 51 winners from all valid participants;
  2. The rewards will be distributed via Mixin Messenger. So please submit the correct Mixin ID and join the Starcoin community.
  3. Only the picked-up winners can claim the rewards manually by clicking the claim button on the Starcoin group page.
  4. The participants should complete entire tasks to be valid participants.
  5. The winners must have at least 1 STC on their Mixin Wallet; otherwise, you will fail to claim the rewards.
  6. New created Twitter account is not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  7. Each Mixin ID can participate in the campaign once, so repeated Mixin IDs will be filtered when drawing the lucky winners.
  8. All rights reserved to the Mixin team.

For more info and rules, please read the Campaign announcement
and guidance


Entry Methods:

  • Follow @StarcoinSTC on Twitter
  • Follow @Mixin_Network on Twitter
  • Retweet @Mixin_Network on Twitter
  • Visit the page and join the community
  • Your Mixin ID