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🎉 Diamond Reserve - Diamond Reserve (DMDR) is a pioneering utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by real 1-carat lab-grown diamond. The project aims to offer investors and users a stable and secure digital asset, providing a unique opportunity to participate in the crypto space with the stability of tangible assets. ​

🥳 In Collab with Airdrop Ultimate, Diamond Reserve is giving away 8,500$ in $DMDR Tokens as Rewards!!

🔶 Submit Ethereum wallet Address from Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet 🔶

🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆

🥇 Top 1-30 Refs «-» 50$ in $DMDR Tokens Each

🏃 First FCFS 1,000 «-» 4$ in $DMDR Tokens Each

👬 Random 1,000 «-» 3$ in $DMDR Tokens Each

#NFA #DYOR ♦️ We encourage everyone to conduct their own research (DYOR) before joining any airdrop project. Remember, our airdrop is absolutely free;never pay any fee to receive airdrop tokens.

☘️ Good luck 🍀

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