Five Stars Global Launch Pre-Event #1

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Offered by: Praxis
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Mineral Community Event

About MNR

Playing the game will earn you Mineral Tokens.

The user's game data is privately stored into the Blockchain

This serves a function which allows for data exchanges between users.

With Mineral Tokens, additionally, players are able to trade items

even between different games.

Enjoy Five Stars with the Mineral Global Channel community now!

Bounty Pool

🎁 Referral 1st prize $40 worth of $MNR

🎁 Referral 2nd prize $35 worth of $MNR

🎁 Referral 3rd prize $25 worth of $MNR

Also, extra 40 lucky participants would receive $5 worth of $MNR

πŸ“…Date : 12.10 ~ 12.16 PM 11:59 UTC

Do not miss this huge opportunity to win $300 worth of $MNR in total

Entry Methods:

  • Enter using Discord
  • Join Mineral Discord
  • Follow @Mineral_Hub on Twitter
  • Retweet @Mineral_Hub on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Join @MineralGlobalAnn on Telegram
  • Join @MineralGLOBAL on Telegram
  • Visit This Page to Enter
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries