Hitsquad Code Raid Bravery and Greed

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Offered by: The Hit Squad
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Hitsquad Code RaidBravery and Greed2000 Steam KeysStarts July 6th- Randomly Between 10am-1pm PT

Watch - Play - Get Rewards!

Get Games For Free 24/7 Only On

TTV: HitsquadGodfather

Chill With The Hitsquad Here​

NOTICE! Doing Any Of The Following Will Result

In Being Restricted From Future Hitsquad Gleam Giveaways This Is

Retroactive So If Its Ever Been Done You'll Likely Have Issues.

Dont Use A VPN

Dont Use More Than 1 Account

Dont Swap Social Accounts Around On Your Account(IE removing 1 steam account and replacing it with another)

Dont Complete Entries While Traveling Out Of Your Normal Area

Dont Use Throwaway/Alt Social Accounts To Fill In Entries

Entry Methods:

  • Follow hitsquadgodfather on Twitch
  • Hitsquad Code Raid
  • Redeem using Steam
  • Join The Hitsquad Discord
  • Answer a Question: How Many Clams Does A $5 Steam Wallet Code Cost To Redeem From The Hitsquad Stash?