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Join us for this exclusive PAX EAST Giveaway Join now and Win one of the best cameras on the market for beginner and expert content creation or whatever you may need to create!

Join each entry for a chance to win one of 4 OBSBOT TINY 4K Cameras

Sponsored by TheLostDrake and OBSBOT!

Winners will be picked randomly at the end of the Giveaway duration and winners will be randomly picked via Gleam.IO and contacted via email!

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Webcam 4K Voice Control PTZ, AI Tracking Multi-Mode & Auto Focus, Web Camera with 1/1.5" Sensor, Gesture Control, 60 FPS, HDR Light Correction, Webcam for PC, Streaming, Meeting, etc.

  • 【OBSBOT Tiny 2 - New Era of Webcam】Our 4K Webcam is equipped with 1/1.5" CMOS Sensor, which is the largest and most advanced sensor currently used in the Webcam industry. This significantly improves the image quality and light sensitivity, allowing you to shine in dark environments.
  • 【Superior AI-Tracking, Up 4 Tracking Modes】Our Tracking Webcam has fully upgraded the AI algorithm to make the auto-tracking smoother and faster, quickly capturing every move of you, and the reaction speed exceeds 99% of the peers. There are 4 additional automatic tracking modes such as upper Body Mode/Close-Up Mode/Hand Tracking/Zone Tracking to meet the needs of different people.
  • 【Breakthrough Voice & Gesture Control】Our Webcam with Microphone introduces a groundbreaking voice control feature, becoming the first webcam to support voice commands. If you are far away from the conference camera, you can control your Webcam for Streaming through specific commands, such as 🗣️"Hi, TINY", "Track Me", etc simple command. Besides, Tiny 2's gesture control has been upgraded to version 2.0, making it even more responsive.
  • 【Industry Leading 0.3 Seconds Auto Focus】All-Pixel Auto Focus means our Webcam for Mac takes only 0.3 seconds to capture your silhouette, 4X faster than other webcam. (Note: If you need to focus on another object, place it in front of the camera and block the person's face)
  • 【Custom Your Own OBSBOT Tiny 2】Our Computer Camera introduces the Beauty Mode, as well as Desktop Mode, Whiteboard Mode, Portrait Mode, and Group Mode. Our PTZ camera 4K can meet your needs in various scenarios, such as meetings, presentations, live streaming, and teaching. If you are a professional camera enthusiast, great news! Tiny 2 supports SDK, OSC, Stream Deck, and Global Hotkey functions, allowing you to customize your own Webcam experience.
  • 【Excellent Adaptability Webcam 4K】Webcam for PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablet, Streaming, Video Calling, Conference, Meeting, Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/Teams/Tiktok, etc. OBSBOT Tiny 2 data transfer supports USB 3.0. System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later; macOS 10.13 or later; Recommended PC configuration: CPU-7th Gen Intel Core i5 Processors or later; RAM-8GB.
  • 🚩Due to its powerful performance, TINY 2 webcam may get hot during use, this phenomenon is normal and will not damage any function of the camera, please feel free to use it.

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