Get $100,000 worth Node NFTs & 1,500,000+ VERY

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Offered by: Very Labs
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100 VERY & chance to win one of 20 Node NFTs for everyone

Top 30 Referrers win Node NFTs + LOTS of VERY!!



Only 8,000 Nodes available for sale at max. $2,000!

⚠️ ⚠️ The Gmail account used to participate in this event

will be used as your account in Verychat! ⚠️ ⚠️

🎁 Pre-registration Benefits

  • ✅ 100 VERY Welcome Gift
  • ✅ Entry for Node NFTs random draw
  • ✅ Right to mine VERY straight away
  • *only invited users can mine VERY

🔍 How to Participate

    1. Log in via Google to participate
    2. Complete all tasks to pre-register
    3. Invite friends to join and win a VERY node!

The top 30 referrers will receive the following rewards:

1st Place: 3 Node NFTs + 500,000 VERY

2nd Place: 2 Node NFTs + 400,000 VERY

3rd Place: 2 Node NFTs + 300,000 VERY

4th Place: 1 Node NFT + 200,000 VERY

5th Place: 1 Node NFT + 100,000 VERY

6-30th Place: 1 Node NFT

  • By participating and completing the tasks, you agree to automatically pre-registered for the Verychat app, which qualifies you to receive 100 VERY in the app and enter the draw to win one of the Node NFTs.
  • All rewards will be credited to the participants' matching Gmail accounts within the Verychat app, and may not be awarded if there is a mismatch.
  • All VERY rewards are distributed through the Verychat app, and Node NFTs are sent to a wallet within the Verychat app on Very Mainnet.

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Entry Methods:

  • Google Login ONLY: Use Google Login Only when Verychat is live. Answer "ok" to acknowledge.
  • Follow @Verylabs on Twitter
  • Retweet @verylabs on Twitter
  • Join @Verylabs on Telegram
  • Visit Verychat Website:
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries