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Are you still struggling with the Etsy listings, SEO, sales, and have no idea how to start and successfully manage a Etsy shop? If you are in the UK , US and Canada, we can cooperate to make a difference!

Starting a small business as an individual on Etsy can be a lot of work, especially if you aren't financially ready to take your shop to full-time on Etsy.

we are a leading export company having over 10 years of expertise in digital branding and web development. As a mature manufacturer company, we would like to dig out the Etsy market, that's why we are here to propose cooperation!

  1. You must have TIN (Taxpayer ID Number) or SSN (Social Security Number)
  2. You need to register an Etsy Shop (we will provide you the register tutorial)
  3. Then we will manage the Etsy shop through our professional operation team and financial team. All the operation fees will be taken care by ourselves, you just need to provide us relevant information for verification when needed.

What We Offer
  1. 2% of the shop's sales revenue every month.

It's quite easy right? As long as you have TIN or SSN in the UK, US and Canada, then you can be a hands-off shopkeeper while still earning 2% of the store's sales revenue every month! And you can watch and learn how to run such business along the way!

Although we're now only recruiting partners from the UK, US and Canada, but Etsy users from other countries are also welcomed to join our Discord, maybe in the future we'll expand cooperation fields. Don't forget to refer as many friends as possible to climb the leaderboard and win the Best Referrer Award worth of $100 !

Entry Methods:

  • Upvote the Reddit post
  • Join Etsy Hub Server
  • Visit And Like on Medium
  • Tweet With The # Hashtag
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries