RECOIL 18 Days of Christmas - Day 6: Win a Tactical Apparel Package from Arrowhead Tactical and RECOIL!

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WIN a Tactical Apparel Package from Arrowhead Tactical and RECOIL!

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Carrier Joggers Mk.II - Midnight Black

The Carrier Joggers Mk.II are the next evolution of concealed carry for an active lifestyle, designed for all climates and optimized for your everyday carry.

The patented Carrier Retention Waistband will support compact to full-sized handguns secured in IWB holsters at any position around the waist, as well as other waist-mounted accessories like spare magazine carriers.

The Mk.II Joggers also feature pistol magazine pouches in the zippered rear pockets, hip utility pockets to store knives and small tools, and reinforced internal seams for ultimate durability.

Carrier Shorts 8” Inseam - Midnight Black

The Carrier Shorts 8” Inseam are designed so you can pursue any activity without compromising your EDC.

The Carrier Shorts feature the same patented Carrier Retention Waistband pioneered on the Carrier Joggers. They offer safe, comfortable, and secure support for compact to full-sized handguns in IWB holsters at any waist carry position.

The Carrier Shorts also feature a pistol magazine pouch in the zippered rear pocket, a breathable mesh crotch gusset to keep cool, and soft yet durable nylon-based fabric.

Standoff Concealment Hoodie - Midnight Black

The Standoff Concealment Hoodie is the fastest, safest, and most consistent way to draw your concealed handgun.

The functional hand pocket can unzip silently to allow pass-through access to a holstered sidearm, letting you ready your weapon in total concealment when anticipating a threat.

The Concealment Hoodie also features textured fabric to prevent printing, a soft interior liner for comfort, cuffed sleeves for snag-free draws, and compatibility with all Carrier products.

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