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Superpower Squad Shooting MOBA
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🕹Superpower Squad - The One is not only an epic PvP MOBA, but also a new category of mobile game that perfectly combines Shooting and Casual RPG.Diversified multiplayer competition, challenge yourself in multiple different game modes.

A strong sense of strike and operation, the map supports physical destruction, and a variety of tactical use methods.

Choose heroes with unique fighting skills and talents to participate in the competition, superb fighting skills and reasonable use of tactics in the game will make you laugh last!

Now pick up your favorite weapon and join this exciting and addictive epic game!

📌Superpower Squad(SPS) is an e-sports mobile shooter and an email-to-wallet solution for mass web2 gamer adoption. Besides playing with original IPs, players can purchase tokens with app stores and design and trade their game-mode NFTs. SPS has just finished its first off-line tournament with #BNBchain, #YGG, and #ESBL in Bangkok. Besides receiving investment from Kucoin as one of their incubation projects, SPS will continue to work with YGG and Binance for its long term success.


Remember To complete all our task!

✨Event Start: 13th December 2022
✨Event End: 31st December 2022

End Time: 11:59:59 pm

🧧Prize Pool & Tasks:

  • ​ 1 NFT Character NFT Worth 30USD will be Airdrop to Every Participants in game That completed the tasks and provide IGN and ID.(No Duplicate)
  • Top Few Tickets Holder will be airdropped more rewards eg. NFT Character Worth More than 30USD-300USD !
  • Download the game and join our Telegram Discussion Group With the task!

All Rewards will be sent after event ended. We appreciate everyone joining us! Have Fun and enjoy! Lets Smash the Leaderboard!!

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  • Submit your ingame Wallet Address For Rewards (BSC)
  • Share With Friends For Extra Entries
  • 20 Bonus Entries For Players