<Arboretum (v2)> PreMint WL Giveaway !!!

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🎁Gift:PreMint WL

📅Duration: 25th May — 26th May

<Arboretum (v2)>is a artwork made by Matt Perkins,which will be launched on May 29th at 12:00 UTC (HKT20:00) on Genify.

If you become one of the winners ,you can participate in preminting before the public mint !

More details 👇

About Matt Perkins : http://mattperkins.me/

MinLink : http://genify.xyz/collection/49

Join us:https://discord.gg/lambdanetwork

You can:

✅Learn more about Genify

✅Learn more chances of getting whitelist
✅Communicate with many artists about artworks

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  • Visit Genify 生成艺术实验室 on YouTube
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