Dmail Network x OKX Wallet, $5,500 rewards for the community!

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Offered by: Dmail Network
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Dmail Network x OKX Wallet, $5,500 rewards for the community!

Freemint 1,000 Dmail NFT Domain Accounts


Cross-chain tasks:
- Follow Twitter @Dmailofficial
- Follow Twitter @OKXweb3

- Join Discord
- Join Discord

- (For PC users)Use OKX Wallet login Dmail , check tutorial

Dmail Network:

Users need to complete all tasks in Gleam
Submit your PID in Google Form:
Please ensure that your airdrop address is a OKX wallet address.
All rewards will be distributed to your OKX wallet address within 10 working days after the event ends.
Users who get the medal will have the opportunity to get the airdrop. 1000 lucky users will get whitelists to mint your favorite domain accounts for free!

Click verify after completing the tasks specified above.
After you complete the task6, you can get an NFT reward(Value $5.49).
Event Duration:
2022/12/13 7:00 AM UTC ~ 2022/12/27 11:59 PM UTC

Reward s :
You will get up to $5,500(1,000 8-11 digits NFT Domain Accounts) extra rewards from Dmail Network team.

Feel free to contact us via Discord if you have any question. Good Luck!


💡Dmail: The first decentralized mailbox that can be used as #DID for the Web 3.0 world.

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @OKXweb3 on Twitter
  • Follow @Dmailofficial on Twitter
  • Retweet @okxweb3 on Twitter
  • Join OKX Discord
  • Join Dmail Discord
  • Submit your OKX Wallet address: (e.g.0x14*********************b99)
  • Visit This Page to Enter