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#TATuesday Campaign Giveaway (December 6th - December 12th)

Submit your TA and Win $20
Guess the Exact Price and Win another $10

<How To Participate>

1. Follow @gate_io and @Gateio_Mascots on Twitter
2. Like and RT our TATuesday post
3. Comment your TA (Chart and Explanation)
4. Comment what will be the exact price of AXS/USDT on Dec. 12th, 4:00 UTC

(3 decimal places = example: $8.129 | We will snapshot the price on the exact date and time at Gate.io Exchange)

- You can comment your Price Guess as much as you can
- Multiple price guesses on 1 comment will not be accepted
- Comments after Dec. 12th, 4:00 UTC will not be accepted

< Duration>
Start Date: December 6th, 3:00 UTC

End Date: December 12th, 4:00 UTC

< Prize>
1 Lucky Winner of a $20 Weekly (TA)
3 Lucky Winners of $10 Weekly (Guess Price)

Note: 300 Gleam Participants are needed for the prize to be distributed

(Your rewards will be distributed to your Gate.io account within 7 working days after the contest ends)

Entry Methods:

  • Enter your Gate.io UID: Enter your Gate.io User ID here!
  • Follow @gate_io on Twitter
  • Follow @Gateio_Mascots on Twitter
  • Retweet @gate_io on Twitter
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Like, RT & Comment Your Entry | Submit Your Comment's Link