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Special AIR-DROP event for NFT buyers

​Thank you all for participating in the pre-AIR DROP.
The second AIR DROP will be held to celebrate the launch of the Astel of Atra.
We need your participation.

⏰ Participation Period ⏰
Dec. 08th, 2022 00:00 (UTC+9) ~
Jan. 09th, 2023 15:00 (UTC+9)

📣 Winner Announcement​ 📣
Jan. 13th, 2023 15:00 After (UTC+9)

📣 Compensation payment date 📣
Jan. 13th, 2023 15:00 After (UTC+9)
(Rewards are paid sequentially)

Earn a value reward of $20,000 (USD) or more in total pool.

🥇 Top 3 Reward 🥇

<TOP 1>

Legendary Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 3EA

<TOP 2>

Hero Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 3EA

<TOP 3>

Hero Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 1EA

🥇 Top 100 Reward 🥇

<TOP 4 ~ 50>

Rare Ride Summon Box 1EA

<TOP 51 ~ 100>

Uncommon Ride Summons Box 5EA

🥇 Random 20🥇

Astellian gift Box 30EA

🔥 How to Participate 🔥​
Complete all 11 missions below to earn mission points.​

You can earn 03 points per Friend Invite mission.​

There is no limit to the number of friend invitations.​

1. Enter your E-mail address​ + 400 point

2. Wallet address linkage + 500 ​point

3. Client down after visiting AOA's website + 500 point
4. invite friends​ + 200 point (No restrictions)

5. AOA AIR DROP Daily Attendance + 50 point(every day)
6. Medium Visits​ + 50 point(every day)

7. Discord Join + 200 point

8. Twitter Re-tweet​ + 100 point

9. Facebook Visits + 100 point

10. Telegram Join​ + 200 point
11. Glixir Games Youtube Visits + 100 point​

📃 Notice​

· Users who participate in the event in a negative way or by violating the terms of use may be excluded from winning.​

· The top winner will be decided based on the number of friends you invite.​

· If there are duplicate winners, the ranking will be determined based on the time the friend invitation is completed.​

· The event schedule is subject to change due to internal circumstances.​

・This event can only be participated once per account and cannot be duplicated.​

・Rewards will be given to participants who correctly entered their wallet address.​
・If the email address you entered is different, it may be difficult to pay compensation.
· Winners can be checked through the email you participated in after the event.
· Those who participated in advance can once again earn points during the mission.

· Please note that when participating in some events, there is a mission where participation is completed by pressing the "Continue" button.

· If you have completed a mission but are not, Please check your other account again.

· Mission scores are not added up when using multiple accounts.

📝 Go to Community

Astel of Atra Homepage

Astel of Atra Medium

Astel of Atra Facebook

Astel of Atra Twitter

Astel of Atra Discord

Astel of Atra Telegram

Entry Methods:

  • Enter your E-mail address
  • Wallet address linkage
  • Client down after visiting AOA's website
  • Invite friends
  • AOA AIR DROP Daily Attendance
  • Medium Visits
  • Discord Join
  • Retweet @AstelOfAtra on Twitter
  • Visit astelofatra on Facebook
  • Join Astel of Atra Official on Telegram
  • Visit Official Gelixir Games on YouTube