yootshub X FE LITE

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yootshub BiG Giveaway

TOP 1 participants will Get 1 Pair shoes each.
Randomly 5 participants will Get free mint of qyoots each.

Randomly 15 participants will Get WL of yoots each.

The more entries you have the higher your chance of winning!

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @y00tshub on Twitter
  • Follow @FE_LITE_ on Twitter
  • Follow @W3Snetwork on Twitter
  • Retweet @FE_LITE_ on Twitter
  • Retweet @qy00ts on Twitter
  • Join magic eden wl submission
  • Join yootshub discord server
  • Join @FE_LITE on Telegram
  • Submit your discord username.: Submit your discord username.
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries