MEXC Will List AptosLaunch Token (ALT) in Innovation Zone

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MEXC Will List AptosLaunch Token (ALT) in Innovation Zone

🎁activity 1: 🎁Deposit #ALT to Share 1000USDT
ALT/USDT Trading:

💥new event:MEXC-Reddit➡️ WorldCup 2022 with MEXC
Prize pool : 400USDT

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Remind➡️UID is the voucher for awarding; Please fill in your MEXC-UID correctly for gleam task

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✍️Special remark:

1.Net Deposit = Deposit - Withdrawal

2.The prize sharing rewards are divided according to the proportion of users. The larger the proportion, the more rewards available.

3.Users can participate in all activities if they meet the conditions of the activity

4.MEXC owns the right to interpret this event

5.Rewards will be paid within seven days after the activity ends

6.For Q&A, please go to the MEXC-community:

Entry Methods:

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  • /r/MEXC_official/
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  • Fill out your mexc UID: If it is filled in correctly, it will be deemed as abandonment