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🎁Reward Pool: 20 WLs

  1. ​Follow Runba and TofuTwitter
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✨About Runba WL benefits:

1. Freemint Runba Sneakers NFT.

2. Tier 2 Referral Rewards(30% commission in the public sale phase).

3. Priority right to participate in the second round of internal testing.

4. Free Runba merchandise.

🎯What is Runba?

Runba is a digital lifestyle application with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, aiming to build a community that maintains a healthy lifestyle and bridges the gap between Web3 with the physical world with the start of running.

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @Runbaofficial on Twitter
  • Follow @tofuNFT on Twitter
  • Join Runba Discord
  • Join Tofu Discord
  • Submit your BSC address