<The Bridge>Premint WL & $LAMB Airdrop Giveaway !

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πŸ†W inners:20​

🎁G ift:WhiteList + 10U $LAMB

πŸ“…Duration:18th Nov β€”20th Nov

Genify multi-chain curated project <The Bridge> by hal09999 will be launched on the Conflux Network!

The winners can join in the premint (before public mint) as long as we announce the winners' list on twitter

Public Mint Time:2023.11.22 UTC 12:00 (HKT 20:00 )
Mint Number:314
Mint Price:32 $CFX
Mint Link:https://genify.xyz/collection/conflux/3/itemsflux/3/items

Join us:https://discord.gg/lambdanetwork

You can get more chances to get whitelisted and chat with Artists

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @GenifyHQ on Twitter
  • Follow @Lambdaim on Twitter
  • Follow @Conflux_Network on Twitter
  • Retweet @GenifyHQ on Twitter
  • Retweet @HAL09999 on Twitter
  • Join Lambda Discord
  • Submit your metamask ethereum wallet address
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries