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🥇Zanix - Unlock the future of gaming and finance with Zanix. Our whitepaper reveals a decentralized cross-platform gaming ecosystem and ZenBank, redefining how we play and bank. Explore the seamless integration of blockchain in gaming, secure virtual land ownership, and innovative financial services. Dive into the Zanix tokenomics driving our ecosystem and witness the journey mapped on our dynamic roadmap. Join us in reshaping the landscape of decentralized experiences – Where Gaming Meets Infinity, and Finance Meets Freedom.

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In Collab with DAO Space, Zanix is giving away 3,000$ in $NIX Tokens as Rewards!!

🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆

🥇Top 1-5 ➡ 30$ in Token
🥈Top 6-15 ➡ 20$ in Token
🥉Top 15-30 ➡ 10$ in Token

🏃‍♂️FCFS 750 ➡ 2$ in Token
🎲Random 500 ➡ 2$ in Token

NOTE : Tokens Rewards Distribution by Zanix Projects, Thankyou .

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