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Welcome to the OrdinalsBot Ambassador Program!

To be eligible for selection, you must complete ALL the following tasks. Once you have done so and have been approved by an admin, you will be granted the "OB Ambassador" role in Discord, and get access to a private channel just for Ambassadors.

Please note: all accounts will be reviewed by an admin. If your social accounts are only points farming and/or only RTs, you will not be selected.

Ambassadors will receive regular tasks to create organic engagement for OrdinalsBot, and upon regularly completion of these tasks, Ambassadors will get monthly payouts of TRIO.

If you have any questions about the tasks or the Ambassador Program, please reach out to Purplesuede22 in either Discord or Telegram.

-Team OrdinalsBot

Entry Methods:

  • Enter using Discord
  • Join Our Discord Server
  • Enter using Twitter
  • Follow ordinalsbot on Twitter
  • Follow bruffstar on Twitter
  • Follow purplesuede22 on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Retweet ordinalsbot on Twitter
  • Enter using Telegram
  • Join @ordinalsbot on Telegram
  • Visit OrdinalsBot on YouTube
  • Read our TRIO Token Whitepaper - short quiz is next!:
  • What is the supply of the TRIO token?
  • What % discount do TRIO holders receive?
  • True or False: TRIO is our utility token and will underpin all of OrdinalsBot products and services.
  • Add TRIO to your CoinGecko Portfolio by Clicking the "☆":
  • Upload a File
  • Add TRIO to your CoinMarketCap Watchlist by Clicking the "☆":
  • Upload a File
  • Add TRIO to your CryptoRank.io Watchlist by clicking the "☆" icon:
  • Upload a File
  • Submit Your Taproot Wallet Address
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