The Beacon Players Come Claim Your Whitelist!!!

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Didn't get the gen-0 pet Whitelist from The Beacon?​
Every Beacon Players can claim your whitelist with your raffle tickets


1. Finish the Gleam

2. Go to GGslayer Discord

3. Submit the Player Proof of The Beacon in GGslayer Discord Community

A. Open a ticket in GGslayer discord
B. Send your The Beacon Character Wallet address

C. Send a screenshot of your raffle ticket

(Raffle ticket number must be more than 150 to join this event.)

GGslayer official website will be launched on next month (Mostly on Jan. 7th), our genesis NFT will be issued after the website launched. And this medal could be used to exchange the GGslayer Genesis NFT Whitelist.

GGslayer Genesis NFT
Could be used to:

1. Get the Alpha Game Play Test Qualifications of GGslayer Platform

2. Participate in GGslayer Community Airdrops

3. Get the GGslayer community early supporter role

4. Share the profits of the GGslayer community

5. Get the Governance right of GG Labs

GGslayer Genesis NFT Whitelist Medal is a early supporter proof, hold to get the GGslayer NFT Minting privilege.

Winners are announced on GGslayer’s Discord channel

Entry Methods:

  • Retweet @ggslayer_game on Twitter
  • Follow @ggslayer_game on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Follow @GGslayerstudios on Twitter
  • Join @ggslayer_game on Telegram
  • Join GGslayer Official Discord(Don't forget to open the ticket)
  • Submit your ERC20 Address