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Thank you to everyone who entered and participated in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Winners have been sent an email with information on how to claim their prize. Here is the list of our winners:

Day #12 GRAND PRIZE: The Cabins at Bear Lodge - MiKaylee S.

Day #11: Marcee C., Kara G., Courtnie M., Marcy H., Stephanie P., Shawna K, Carrie N., Richard P., Holly A., Rita W., Veronica T., Diane F., Brad E., Rebekah B., Janine D., Juleen E., Klay S., & Denise D.

Day #10: Walker Cinemas/Sparetime - Amy W. & Nancy D.

Day #9: Club Rec - Lisa L.

Day #8: Trigon - Laurie V.

Day #7: Mountain Donuts - Skylee K., Richard M., Lonnie E., Sophia L., and Courtney H.

Day #6: Davis Meats - Lisa P. and Shawn F.

Day #5: Queen Bee - Patrick D.

Day #4: Powder Mountain - Christy H. and Diane F.

Day #3: Beehive Cheese - Jamie T.

Day #2: Timbermine - Barry C.

Day #1: Thearapeutix - Erika M.

If you are a winner, please check your email for information and details on how to claim your prize.

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