MEXC AMA - Metavault.Trade (MVX)

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  • MEXC is having an AMA with Metavault.Trade (MVX) in our English Telegram group at 12:00 on Dec 7 (UTC).

  • There will be 4 segments. The AMA will last 40 to 60 minutes, during which the group will be muted. Please do not panic if you cannot send messages.

  • ­čö║Segment 1: Introduction
    ­čö║Segment 2: Questions about the project
    ­čö║Segment 3: Free-asking
    ­čö║Segment 4: Quiz

  • 10 people who complete the Gleam tasks will win $10 each
  • 5 best questions picked by the AMA guest will win $20 each
  • 5 people who got the right answer first for each quiz at the live AMA will win $10 each.ÔÇő

The rewards will be credited to your MEXC account within 7 workdays when the AMA closes.

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @MEXC_Global on Twitter
  • Follow @MetavaultTRADE on Twitter
  • Join @MEXCEnglish on Telegram
  • Join @MetavaultTrade on Telegram
  • Retweet @MEXC_Global on Twitter
  • What's your MEXC UID?: What's your MEXC UID?
  • What's your Twitter handle?: What's your Twitter handle?