🤖️xBot Telgram Invitation Competition Airdrop🤖️

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Offered by: KeplerHomes
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🤖️xBot Telgram Invitation Competition Airdrop🤖️

Is this a brand new start for xBot on #Telegram?



We have prepared a simple task list for you, please complete it and participate in the draw, 100 winners will receive TON and gKPR tokens.

❕ xBot Airdrop Rewards

🛒 Prize Pool: 100 TON (1 TON per winner, 100 winners)

100,000 gKPR tokens (100 tokens per winner, worth $12/person, 1000 winners)

👥 Number of winners: 1000

👥 Winning Rules: Telgram invitation ranking TOP100 & TOP1000 will receive TON and gKPR rewards

👥 Invitation Instructions: Please note that the invitation mechanism is to invite friends to join the xBot Telgram game in Telgram

1. Enter https://t.me/xbotplay_bot/xBotPlay

Get your invitation link

2. Invite friends to join


3. Get Diamond rewards (You can get an additional 5% bonus from the Diamond rewards earned by your friends)

4. Enter the Telgram invitation ranking to get TON & gKPR invitation rewards. Those who have not received ranking rewards can also get Diamond airdrop rewards

🏁 Competition end time: July 18th 04:00 UTC


Follow the instructions to earn points. The more points you earn, the better your chances of qualifying.

Make sure your Twitter account has a profile picture; otherwise, it will be detected as spam.

Exchange wallet addresses are not allowed.

🤖️Good luck! 🤖️

Entry Methods:

  • Join @xbotplay_bot on Telegram
  • Join @xbotbi on Telegram
  • Follow keplerhomes on X
  • Repost KeplerHomes on X
  • Repost KeplerHomes on X
  • Repost KeplerHomes on X
  • 🤖️KeplerHomes xBot Telgram Invitation Competition Airdrop🤖️
  • Share With Your Friends To Unlock Extra Entries
  • Submit Your TON Wallet Address
  • Submit Your Solana Wallet Address
  • Download xBot: