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Welcome to HNB Community!

HNB Protocol: Shaping the Future of Web 3.0

The HNB Protocol aims to extend the accessibility and utilization of blockchain technology, integrating Layer 2 solutions with the Ethereum blockchain to enhance transaction speeds and reduce costs.
This strategic deployment addresses key scalability and interoperability challenges within the blockchain ecosystem.
The protocol also features a unique membership app and real-world applications like the Myunyeok-gongbang wellness centers, blending digital innovation with tangible services.
Underpinned by rigorous security validations, including audits by SlowMist, the HNB Protocol is set to revolutionize user experiences across multiple sectors, making blockchain technology more practical and accessible for everyday applications.

Total Reward of $20,000 HNB !!

✨2,000 Lucky Winners : $100 HNB

- HNB(ERC) 1,000 people

HNB(Polygon) 1,000 people

🎉Congratulations !

✔️Period ️: 2024.07.09 ~ 2024.07.11

🥳 Date of receipt: 2024.07.12

HNB Project Detail👇

Official Website :

Telegram :

X(Twitter) :

Entry Methods:

  • Join @HNB_Protocol_Official on Telegram
  • Join @HNB_Protocol on Telegram
  • Follow HNBPROTOCOL on X
  • Repost HNBPROTOCOL on X
  • Submit Your Metamask Wallet Address
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries