Nine Chronicles M Pre-registration Airdrop Part II

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Offered by: Planetarium Labs
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Celebrating the Pre-registration

= Second Event =

Nine Chronicles M Pre-registration Airdrop

Who: 200 Lucky Participants - Random Raffle

What: Anywhere from 9 to 999NCG😲

From: Nov 9rd 08:00 AM UTC

Until: Nov 15th 07:59 AM UTC

For this event,

you must complete pre-registration from both;

1️⃣From Official Pre-Registration Page

2️⃣From Play Store or App Store

Otherwise, you maybe disqualified from the event!



In this event, you must reply to the tweet below and share the link.

The reply must clearly mention what your "M" stands for.

Be creative!

Reply to this tweet

Also, You must include below hastags:

#NineChroniclesM #WhatsyourM

Entry Methods:

  • Make sure you have completed the 'Pre-Registration'
  • Validation Process: Email address or Discord ID or Twitter Account you have used for the pre-registration.
  • Pre-register from the App Store / Play Store
  • Retweet @NineChronicles on Twitter
  • Submit your URL: Submit your URL below
  • Join 'Nine Chronicles M' (Planetarium) Discord Server
  • Join 'Nine Chronicles M' Pre-Registration Now!