TCG World Advent Calendar Day 8

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Welcome to Day 8 of the

TCG World Advent Calendar Giveaway!

TCG World is Celebrating the Holiday Season with 25 days of Giveaways!​

A new giveaway each day from December 1st - December 25th

Day 8 Prize:

✅ 1 GOLD North Plot in TCG World

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Steps to Participate in this Giveaway:

  • Input your BNB wallet address below and you're entered.
  • For extra entries, do the simple tasks that open up.
  • The more tasks you do, the more you're entered to win!
  • Refer your friends for tons more entries!

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What is TCG World?
TCG World is an online open world virtual gaming experience where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0, own virtual real estate, explore an 800 km2 world in 4k resolution, capture, battle and evolve creatures known as Sprites, operate your own online business, go on quests, attend concerts and comedy shows, or just have fun with your friends! In TCG World your NFT is more than just a piece of art! Now players can take their NFTs into the gaming world and play. Everything a player owns in TCG World is an NFT, from real estate, vehicles, pets, sprites and more!

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  • If one of these were an ornament, which one would you want for your tree?
  • What kind of Vehicles would you like to see in TCG World? Be Specific!: What kind of vehicles would you like to see in TCG World? Any type is acceptable!
  • Get 30 Bonus Entries if you Answer this Correctly
  • Make a Video about TCG World for 100 Bonus Entries!
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