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🌟 Elevate Your 710 Celebration with Bud & Mary's Puffco Giveaway!

Gear up for a spectacular 710 with our exclusive collaboration with Batch Extracts! We're giving one lucky winner a sleek new Puffco Peak. This isn't just a vape; it's a masterpiece, a conversation starter, and your ultimate companion for the festivities.

💚 We're all about spreading the love, so every participant has a chance to win. Plus, if you complete every action on our list, you'll earn 5 bonus entries – because the more, the merrier!

Ready to elevate your celebration? Tap in to enter! ⬇️

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  • Visit batchextracts on Instagram
  • Visit Batch Extracts Website: Which Batch Flavor tastes like peaches & mangoes?
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  • Visit TheMyx Website: [fill in the blank] TheMyx can make anything an ___.
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  • Get 5 Bonus Entries For Completing Everything