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🥳 51,000 $HYGT Giveaway

i️ HYDT Protocol offers industry leading high returns on HYDT Stablecoin Staking, along with decentralization, transparency and sustainability.

⏰ Duration: November 13, 2023 - November 19, 2023

🎖️Top Referrals🎖️

🏅 Top 10 Referrals - 1,000 $HYGT Each

🎖️Random Winners🎖️

🏆 Random 100 Winners - 410 $HYGT Each

i️ Disclaimer: The airdrop campaign is subject to change based on market volatility and situations. Tokens will be distributed by the Wise Crypto Team. Do remember that the airdrop tokens are free.

We will never endorse or encourage that you invest in any of the projects listed and therefore, accept no liability for any loss occasioned. It is the user(s) responsibility to do their own research and seek financial advice from a professional. More information about (DYOR) can be found via Binance Academy.

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