Nine Chronicles M Pre-registration Airdrop

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Offered by: Planetarium Labs
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Celebrating the Pre-registration

= First Event =

Nine Chronicles M Pre-registration Airdrop

Who: 200 Lucky Participants - Random Raffle

What: Anywhere from 9 to 999NCG😲

From: Nov 3rd 08:00 AM UTC

Until: Nov 9th 07:59 AM UTC

For this event,

you must complete pre-registration from both;

1️⃣From Official Pre-Registration Page

2️⃣From Play Store or App Store

Otherwise, you maybe disqualified from the event!

Entry Methods:

  • Make sure you have completed the 'Pre-Registration'
  • Validation Process: Email address or Discord ID or Twitter Account you have used for the pre-registration.
  • Pre-register from the App Store / Play Store
  • Retweet @NineChronicles on Twitter
  • Follow @NineChronicles on Twitter
  • Join 'Nine Chronicles M' (Planetarium) Discord Server
  • Join 'Nine Chronicles M' Pre-Registration Now!