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Xsoul program, designed by Xterio, aims to create a unique verifiable credential system that will provide a series of exclusive benefits and increasing privileges to key contributors in the growing Xterio community. The Xsoul program will for now require at least 3 different Xterio Badges for an Xsoul. We now present you Xterio Pink Badge, which will be rewarded to social influencers.

Xterio Pink Badge Whitelist is open for application from 9/12/2022 to 6/1/2023!

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Unlock Pink Xterio Badge to:

  • Become Xterio certified social expert
  • Get tickets for future exclusive events
  • Collect badges for Xsoul
  • More!!

Complete the gleam tasks to apply for a Xterio Pink badge whitelist NOW!

Remark: Please login Gleam with your Twitter account!

Entry Methods:

  • Please provide your EVM address
  • Please provide proof of your social impact: Please provide proof of your social impact (any platform link including Twitter/Youtube/Telegram/Discord etc)
  • Answer 1 Question: What are your favorite games and why?
  • Answer 1 Question: What are the game designs that you dislike?
  • Follow @XterioGames on Twitter
  • Follow @XterioUpdates on Twitter
  • Retweet @XterioGames on Twitter
  • Join Xterio Discord to know more