GamerBoom & Linea: Gamified Social Engagement Airdrop

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GamerBoom is running a Gamified Social Engagement Airdrop in anticipation for its Genesis Testing with Linea!

Make sure to sign up firs at GamerBoom to claim rewards, in addition to completing Gleam tasks.

Sign Up at GamerBoom​

Qualification Timeline: 02/20/24 - 04/2/24


  • Follow GamerBoom on Twitter: 2,500 GPT
  • Join the GamerBoom Discord: 2,500 GPT
  • Join the GamerBoom Telegram: 2,500 GPT
  • Retweet GamerBoom Post on Twitter: 1,000 GPT
  • Tweet Giveaway Tweet on Twitter: 1,000 GPT
  • Visit and Follow GamerBoom on Youtube: 1,000 GPT
  • Follow GamerBoom Team Members (Twitter): 800 GPT per team member followed

Tasks completed here are collectively assessed by our team and used to allocate rewards upon campaign conclusion.

Important Notice

Tasks and rewards may subject to change.

Due to regulatory considerations within the US and other restricted territories, residents of these jurisdictions are unable to claim token-based rewards.

Entry Methods:

  • Enter using Twitter
  • Join GamerBoom Official Discord
  • Join @GamerBoom_Official on Telegram
  • Visit GamerBoom on YouTube
  • Follow @Gamerboom_ on Twitter
  • Retweet @Gamerboom_ on Twitter
  • Retweet @Gamerboom_ on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Follow @0xJamesKuo on Twitter
  • Follow @ShiftspaceZ on Twitter
  • Follow @JaylonGamerBoom on Twitter
  • Submit Your Account Info to Claim Rewards