Show Us Your Ugly Gun & Win the "Warior"

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We would like to introduce you to "The Warior" (yes we know it's spelled incorrectly) the current reigning champion of unattractiveness – a gun that's as functionally robust (or just a bust) as it is aesthetically challenged. In our post purchase finds we often come across these gems and decided we couldn't keep them to ourselves, we had to share them with you too which is why are thrilled to announce our first ever Centerfire Systems Ugly Gun Competition!

Do you have what it takes to dethrone the "The Warior" and steal the title of Ugliest Gun?

If you do, then show us your Ugly Gun! Whoever shows us the Ugliest Gun will not only become the current Ugly Gun reigning champ but will receive the honor of adding "The Warior" to their personal collection. That's right, you will become the proud owner of this one of a kind showpiece.

To enter, simply submit photos of your spectacularly peculiar piece, along with a brief description that highlights its unconventional features and the story of how it came to be part of your collection, tag us in your ugly gun photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use #CFSUglyGun

Embrace the odd, the outlandish, and the outright ugly; this is your moment to shine in a competition where repugnant is revered. Let's celebrate the hideous and horrendous in the world of firearms together – may the ugliest gun win!

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