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Shrapnel has partnered with Edge Of NFT to give away the below prize for the winners!
3 Operators NFT
20 Weapon Skin
50 SHRAP winners, 100 SHRAP each

Total Valued at ~ 2200 USD

Who is Shrapnel?

SHRAPNEL is an intensely competitive AAA extraction shooter game on PC, where true ownership and real-world value are offered to players for the first time – featuring skill-based play, creative modding tools, and a community marketplace.

Their game engine is Unreal Engine 5.2. Our game economy and publishing services use a custom-built subnet on the Avalanche C-chain. Additional key technologies include Accelbyte, Fireblocks, Moonpay and more.

📄 Guideline for Earning Points

All tasks are optional except for the 1st and 2nd bullet. Remember that completing more items increases your chances of winning - So check off all the tasks to maximize your chances! 💯

1. 🚨 Follow our friends at @playSHRAPNEL on Twitter. [Mandatory]

2. 🚨 Quote and retweet this giveaway on the @EdgeofNFT Twitter and tag two friends who would appreciate the chance to win the prize too! [Mandatory]

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3. Follow @EdgeofNFT on Twitter.

4. Play at least one day of STX3.1.

5. Have a Shrapnel Account to receive your reward and link your wallet to the Account. [Mandatory]

6. Like & Share our YouTube Video. [Mandatory]

7. Subscribe to the Edge Of NFT Spotify and share it with your frens!

8. Subscribe to the Edge Of NFT Youtube channel!

When you unlock the last task, it will generate you a unique link through which all your referrals will get credited. Remember, referrals must enter through your unique link before you get credited for points.

For the best contest experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.
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Entry Methods:

  • Follow playSHRAPNEL on X
  • Follow EdgeofNFT on X
  • Repost EdgeofNFT on X
  • Have a Shrapnel Account to receive your reward and link your wallet to the Account.
  • Play at least one day of STX3.1.
  • Follow Edge of NFT Podcast on Spotify
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Visit Edge of NFT Podcast & Outer Edge L.A. on YouTube