Myria's Reddit Treasure Hunt

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Welcome, adventurers! A digital treasure hunt awaits you! Test your wits and enter our exclusive giveaway with $600 worth of ETH on the line. Keep your eyes peeled.​

There are three puzzles in total on Myria's subreddit, r/myriaofficial.

Find the answer to each and keep them to hand to enter in the form we’ll supply you with at a later date.

Will you be one of 20 lucky winners? Wait and see.

So, what do you need to do now? Simply follow the puzzles and fill this form with all the answers!

All winners will be contacted by the VERIFIED Myria twitter account or via email. Do not interact with any other communication. Official Myria username: @myria

Rewards will be distributed on or around January 20, 2023.

Entry Methods:

  • Click Here to Confirm Your Entry
  • Create and Submit your Myria Wallet Address
  • Follow @myria on Twitter
  • Visit myriaofficial on Reddit
  • Join Myria's Discord Server
  • Puzzle 1 Answer: Reddit Treasure Hunt Puzzle 1
  • Puzzle 2 Answer: Reddit Treasure Hunt Puzzle 2
  • Puzzle 3 Answer: Reddit Treasure Hunt Puzzle 3