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Offered by: Sean Cannell
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Hey, YouTube 1K Challenge Fam!

We're so pumped to be able to give away an entire YouTube Studio Kit during this challenge (among tons of other amazing prizes).​

We know how life-changing this challenge has been for others in the past and we hope it will be the same for you!

🎯Knowing the impact this event can have on beginner and veteran YouTubers alike, we thought you may want to share it with your friends! So throughout the challenge, you can share with your friends, post on social, share your own pictures and results from the challenge - all while getting entries to win a complete YouTube Studio.

(P.S. The more you share, the better chance you have at winning some amazing gear 🔥)

The chance to win this YouTube Studio Kit is only available to people signed up for the YouTube 1K Challenge.

Check back each day for more chances to win!

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