AVA Smart Bonus Contributor Tasks & Ambassador Bonus (Round 10)

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OPEN TO ALL Smart Members
from Steel to Diamond excluding 'Basic Free'

Be sure to use the email associated with your
Travala.com account or we will not be able to credit your rewards!

1. Contributor Tasks (Required): Complete the first
FOUR (4) Essential Tasks to be eligible to receive the AVA Smart Bonus (and Ambassador Bonus for Diamond members)

2. Additional Rewards: Complete the Bonus Tasks for a chance to win extra Travel Credits!

Good luck!

Entry Methods:

  • Post Your Best Summer Vacation Moment with the hashtag #TravalaSummer
  • Add Emojis: (✈️,🏨) to your Twitter name and submit a link to your profile.
  • Repost AVAFoundation on X
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  • Visit travalacom on Instagram
  • Follow AVA Foundation on LinkedIn
  • Post About the Best Trip You've Booked with Travala
  • Create a Travel Meme