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Rocki and Bibox hold a hot event

A huge Giveaway!

ROCKI is a music NFT and music streaming service, designed to solve the most fundamental problems of the music industry. The platform rewards the artists for their streams and the listeners for their participation.

Complete these easy tasks and get your share of this sweet pool!

Hurry up and join! ⏰

Simply enter your details and complete the steps below

The winners will be randomly chosen.

We will select 80 lucky winners, each of whom will get 25U worth of Rocki tokens.

$500 (20 winners) - 0 to 1000 participants
$1000 (40 winners)- if 1000+ participants
$1500 ( 60 winners)- if 1500+ participants
$2000 (80 winners) - if 2000+ participants

Please be sure to tell me your Bibox UID, we will send the bonus to your Bibox account after the event ends.

Join now and be in with a chance to win! 🤩

Good luck! 🍀

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @RockiApp on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Join @rockiapp on Telegram
  • Join a TG Group
  • Your Bibox UID: Register to get a Bibox account and tell me your UID.The event reward will be issued to your Bibox account.