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Congratulations to the lead trader - "AI Traders" who has been selected

as the trading star in this issue!

Since the launch of copy trading, there is an increasing number of trading experts who have settled in.

In order to help the excellent traders known by more users, copy trading will select one trading star every week and expose him/her to

Gate.io official promotion channels.

It's believed that from the trading star you will be able to get

something useful!

Now follow the lead trader "AI Traders" to trade and earn

in copy trading!

Just profit as he does!

Your tasks:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

1. Follow πŸ“–

2. Retweet and tag three friends

3.5 users will be drawn to receive trial funds

4. Join copy trading to copy πŸ‘€

🎁Stand the chance to get 10USDT extra reward!

Each time you complete a task, you can get the corresponding scores!

The higher the score, the higher the probability of winning!

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Please make sure your KYC is completed to claim rewards.

The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the

same account when participating in the activity.

Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @Gateio_Quant on Twitter
  • Retweet @Gateio_Quant on Twitter
  • Join @Gateio_Copy_Trading on Telegram
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