Keep Initiative Learn2Earn Campaign [Phase Two]

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  • [We are more than happy to introduce BitKeep #Keep Initiative to you in the following month in order to facilitate a better understanding of our security upgrade, share useful tips to secure your assets by using a decentralized wallet.
    From December 5 to December 20, you will have a chance to win 50,000 GASU once you view, share and comment on our #KEEP Learn2Earn video series.]
  • Rules
  • Step 1
  • Download BitKeep Wallet APP or use BitKeep Chrome extention.
  • Step 2
  • Create or import a wallet in BitKeep. Tutorial .
  • Step 3
  • Users need to complete all the following tasks (Comment, Retweet and tag 3 friends in the Twitter task) and verify BitKeep GASU Deposit address.
  • Step 4 [Activate Cloud Wallet]
  • Discover→Cloud Wallet →Activate now→Enter pin code and done;Step 5[Copy GASU Address]
  • Cloud Wallet→GASU→Deposit→Copy the address
  • Distribution:
  • Please keep up with @BitKeepOS #KEEP Learn2Earn. Users with more correct answers in their Twitter Quote get a better chance of winning.
  • Only a certain amount of users will be distributed the airdrop rewards.
  • All rewards will be distributed to your BitKeep Cloud GASU wallet address within 10 working days after the event ends.
  • Warning:
  • Cryptocurrency investments involve risks. BitKeep shall not be held responsible for any claim or whatsoever resulted from or in connection with your cryptocurrency investments on BitKeep platform.

  • 【为帮助大家更加了解 BitKeep 安全功能的全面提升,正确使用钱包、保障资产安全,我们将在接下来一个月中为大家推出 BitKeep 安全守护计划。
    12.5-12.20,观看、转发并评论 KEEP Learn2Earn 的系列视频,即可参与瓜分 50,000 GASU。】
  • 规则
  • 步骤一
  • 下载BitKeep钱包或使用BitKeep Chorme浏览器插件。
  • 步骤二
  • 在BitKeep创建或导入钱包。教程;
  • 步骤三
  • 用户需要完成所有任务(Twitter任务需评论、转发并@3位好友)并正确填写BitKeep GASU充值地址
  • 步骤四【创建云钱包】
  • 发现页→云钱包→立即激活→输入钱包密码 即可成功创建;
  • 步骤五【复制 GASU 领取地址】
  • 进入云钱包首页→选择 GASU→充值→复制地址→复制 GASU 领取地址。
  • 奖励发放:
  • 请持续关注@BitKeepOS #KEEP Learn2Earn活动。累计转发回答正确次数越多,获奖几率越大。
  • 仅部分用户将获得本次空投奖励。
  • 所有奖励将在活动结束后的10个工作日内发放至 BitKeep云钱包
  • 风险提示:
  • 数字货币交易存在巨大风险。BitKeep钱包不对您在BitKeep平台上的加密货币投资相关或产生的任何损失而负责。

Entry Methods:

  • Download BitKeep Wallet
  • Follow @BitKeepOS on Twitter
  • Retweet @BitKeepOS on Twitter
  • Retweet @BitKeepOS on Twitter
  • BitKeep Cloud Wallet GASU Deposit Address
  • Get To The Top By Referring Friends